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Penis pumping is the process of applying a vacuum pressure to the penis by placing a clear pump cylinder over the penis and using a specialized penis pump to pump air out of the cylinder. The penis is pulled towards the top and sides of the cylinder by the vacuum pressure, and the corposa cernosa, a sponge-like tissue that fills with blood to produce an erection, is expanded, resulting in an enlargement in the girth of the penis. Pumping also stretches the suspensory ligament, enhancing its elasticity, and thus increasing its erect length.
Penis pumping typically increases penile length and girth by 2-3 inches. How much growth you experience will depend on how frequently you pump, your choice of cylinder size, how long you pump, and on your individual physiology. Most men experience more and longer lasting growth in girth than length, due to the structure of the penis.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, penis pumping will produce relatively permanent growth. However, initially penis pumping will produce immediate, but temporary, growth. Repeated pumping increases the magnitude of the growth and lengthens the period of time the growth lasts. Growth can be maintained with a regular penis pumping routine, much as muscle tone can be maintained by working out regularly. However, just as muscle tone diminishes when you stop working out, any "permanent" gains in penis length and girth will gradually diminish over time if you stop or reduce the frequency of penis pumping.
Yes, Penis (vacuum) pumping is approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a leading treatment for impotence and safe penis enlaragement.
Our customers include adult men of all ages, lifestyles, and socio-economic backgrounds. Penis Pump is really useful for everyone, our most successful customers consider penis pumping as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet.
The penis, like many other structures in the body, loses elasticity with age. Reduced elasticity limits the size of a man's erect penis. Thus, the size of a man's erection will diminish with age. Penis pumping helps to maintain penile elasticity by stretching the penile tissues.
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How to do penis pumping with PumpMaster pump device - Fast user guide
1. insert penis into cylinder
2. pump 3-7 Hg pressure
3. keep 20 min
4. get rest 5-10 min
5. repeat 1-2 sets more
  • Before using the pump, a light massage and hot water shower can
    serve as a way to warm up the penis and prepare it for the workout
  • Better to start out with a full or 3/4 erection. Be sure to apply adequate
    lubrication to the interior of the flange and to the head of your penis
  • A helpful tip for maintaining a better seal in cylinder is to shave
    your pubic hair
  • When you pump carefully, it is perfectly safe. The key here is to use
    common sense in your approach. Light discomfort caused by the
    pressure of the cylinder rim on the base of your penis is pretty normal
    as long as you don't increase the pressure to the threshold of outright
    pain. Monitor your penis closely through the cylinder for unusual signs.
Use a Penis Pump Right and Be the Bigger Man
Natural is almost always better, including in male enhancement.

If you want to grow big in the penis department, you should skip the pills and start off with something less toxic. Without plenty of side effects to worry about, you will feel more confident showing off your enlarged goods.


But let’s get some things straight:

·         To get a bigger penis is just half of it. You should exercise it regularly to keep it in shape, which basically means you must have erections regularly. This is vital to maintain a healthy tone with your goods.


·     The increase from flaccid to erect lengths varies widely. Studies show that most men with shorter flaccid penises grow surprisingly huge when erect, twice as much, to be exact. Those with longer flaccid penises, on the other hand, not so much. The former is usually called a “grower”, while the latter is a “show-er”.


What has these got to do with natural male enhancement? Well, you might want to check if you are grower or show-er, before you have your penis enlarged. It is also important that you analyze how committed you can be with this process, since it’s not going to work like magic.


Are you ready to get started? Read on and find out what you need to do next.


Choose the right penis pump

First and foremost, make sure it is an approved enlargement FDA penis device. The FDA is the same agency who gives medication a safety stamp of approval, which guarantees safe usage. Then, see that the size of the plastic tube used in a penis pump is moderate—not too big or too small. 

There should be enough room for your penis to enlarge, but not as much as to squish your scrotum. It is also important that the kit you buy comes with a pressure gauge and a pressure relieve valve, so you can stay in control on the pressure you apply.

 Enhance penis pumping sessions

The best penis enlargement process requires dedication and work. It’s not justabout sticking your goods in the cylinder and letting the pump do its work. If you want to get great results, you should do the following:

 1.    Do some manscaping

Even the best penis pump would be less effective when air is not completely drawn out of the plastic tube. A few hairs in the way could mean you need to start the process all over again. So make sure to shave around the area where the pump reaches.

2.   Do a warm-up routine

Similar to a workout, you should get your goods ready for the exercise ahead. Stroke your penis until you get a semi or full-erection. Or, you can wrap it with a warm towel up to two minutes, and then repeat the process three more times.

3.    Rub some petroleum jelly

For a snug seal, you should rub some Vaseline where your penis and the pump cylinder are in contact. Don’t forget to do this, after the warm-up exercise and before you slide in the plastic tube.


Repeat the hot towel wrap

After a session of natural penis enhancement, you should do the hot towel wrap once again to stimulate circulation. This will also help ease the slight discomfort that you might experience when using a pump.


Most importantly, you should keep the penis pump clean before and after use. What’s worse than a small penis is a bigger penis with health problems.

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